Imps & Elfs


When we at one of those rare moments – sit down and try to reflect on who we are and what we do, it’s always about being a child. What it is like to be new in this world? To open your eyes and see everything for the first time.Hello World! From sleeping to walking to talking. The intriguing process of becoming a person with moods, talents and preferences.


We like to see ourselves as ‘Inter­ nationalists’ but we definitely cannot deny our Dutch genes. A combination of minimalism, Calvinism and a strong sense of irony made Dutch Design a worldwide success. In case of Imps&Elfs it’s the quality of shapes, the special use of colours and the tone of our voice that makes us undeniably Dutch.


Imps & Elfs wants a child to be a child. Children’s characteristics, like their build, their personality, their imagination, get all the space they need. First you see the child, then what he is wearing. The true quality of the clothes is in the cut. On a hanger, the garment appears straightforward. But on the body, it shows its nesse. A shifted shoulder seam, a sleeve just a bit tighter than usual. This combination results in a sharp and fashionable silhouette without being too obvious.


Imps&Elfs has always been fascinated by language. Letters are beautiful forms; abstract at first, slowly forming words and sentences. Learning to talk, to read, to write is like magic. It opens a door to new and exciting worlds. We have always been ‘wordy’. A brand with a voice. A brand that speaks up. Imps&Elfs says...